27 Nisan 2016 Çarşamba

UDP Flow Control?

An interesting approach for 4-bytes long "UDP Checksum" field of the UDP header by David P. Reed. I think that the approach makes sense. But I'm not sure if the IT world is ready for that. =)

I've noticed following especially:
"...4 bytes wasted is not a battle I wanted to fight, and you didn’t have to actually compute or check the UDP checksum."

IP Address Space of MIT

A sarcastic old article about the "tiny" real IP address space owned by M.I.T. from VooDoo which is the magazine published by M.I.T.

Their real IP space is real tiny(!). They own 1 "A class", 4 "B class" and 26 "C class" real IP addresses which makes totally 17,046,016 IP addresses. (17 million real IP addresses! WOW! Who said that IPv4 addresses are exhausted?) What can I say? Just read the article and try to enjoy it.